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PAAR-2010 Volume Information
Volume:Renate A. Schmidt, Stephan Schulz and Boris Konev (editors)
PAAR-2010: Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Practical Aspects of Automated Reasoning

PAAR-2010 Volume Information

Title:PAAR-2010: Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Practical Aspects of Automated Reasoning
Editors:Renate A. Schmidt, Stephan Schulz and Boris Konev
Series:EPiC Series in Computing
Publication date:May 16, 2012


Lawrence PaulsonThree Years of Experience with Sledgehammer, a Practical Link between Automatic and Interactive Theorem Provers1-10
Djihed Afifi, David Rydeheard and Howard BarringerAutomated Reasoning in the Simulation of Evolvable Systems11-21
Christoph Benzmüller and Adam PeaseProgress in Automating Higher-Order Ontology Reasoning22-32
Thomas Bouton, Diego Caminha B de Oliveira, David Deharbe and Pascal FontaineGridTPT: a distributed platform for Theorem Prover Testing33-39
Han-Hing Dang and Peter HöfnerAutomated Higher-order Reasoning about Quantales40-51
Guido FiorinoFast Decision Procedure for Propositional Dummett Logic Based on a Multiple Premise Tableau Calculus52-62
Ullrich Hustadt and Renate A. SchmidtA Comparison of Solvers for Propositional Dynamic Logic63-73
Andrew Matusiewicz, Neil Murray and Erik RosenthalTrie Based Subsumption and Improving the pi-Trie Algorithm74-83
Laura Meikle and Jacques FleuriotAutomation for Geometry in Isabelle/HOL84-94
Jens Otten and Geoff SutcliffeUsing the TPTP Language for Representing Derivations in Tableau and Connection Calculi95-105


2automated reasoning, benchmarking, decision procedures
1application in ontology reasoning, boolean extensionality and modalities, component systems, connection calculus, development support, dummett logic, evolvable systems, geometry, grid computing, higher order reasoning, higher order theorem proving, isabelle, performance aspects, prime implicates, propositional dynamic logic, qepcad, quantale, simplification, subsumption, tableau calculus, tableaux, test, tptp language, tries, typed higher order form of tptp