1.2.2. Lost account

This article may help if you cannot access your EasyChair account.

Lost Account Access

There are four typical reasons when you cannot get access to your EasyChair account.

  1. You forgot your user name and/or password. In this case you should reset your password. The procedure for doing this is described in detail in the article "Password Reset".
  2. You forgot your user name and password but lost access to the email address used on your EasyChair account. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do at the moment to solve this problem. We will be developing account retrieval procedures for such cases, bit do not have them in place as yet
  3. You have no EasyChair account. If somebody submitted a paper with you as a co-author or invited you to review a paper, EasyChair does not automatically create an account for you - you should create an account yourself.
  4. Your account is locked. This is a very rare case since accounts are locked only in the cases of a serious abuse of EasyChair. You will know that your account is locked if you follow the password reset procedure. On step 3 of the procedure you will be notified "this account is locked, you cannot reset your password".