Adding Submission Instructions for Authors

In EasyChair, chairs can write submission instructions for authors. These instructions will be available to all authors on the new submissions page. This is useful in at least two cases.

  1. when the conference has requirements on submissions which cannot be captured by the EasyChair configuration;
  2. when the main (or the second) language of the conference is not English, then chairs can write accompanying instructions in other languages.

Editing Submission Instructions

Submission instructions can be edited by chairs. To edit instructions, one should access Administration->Configure and follow the link to Submission instructions for authors, or simply click here. Submission instructions can contain an almost arbitrary HTML. Note that the submission instrucitons feature may not be available under some licenses.

Multi-Track Version

In a multi-track version, submission instructions can only be edited by superchairs. It is also not possible to have different instructions for different tracks, so we can change it, should there be demand for that.


This is how the top of my conference new submission page looks when no submission instructions were entered by chairs.

new submission page

This is how the same page looks when instructions were added by CATSS chairs:

new submission page with a link to submission instructions

When an author clicks on "Read CATSS-06 Submission Instructions", the instructions will be displayed in a popup window. For example, this is how they look on my computer:

submission instructions