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Terminology and translation in speclialised contexts (German-Spanish): The wine sector

7 pagesPublished: January 6, 2018


It is a fact that the specialist translator must know the thematic field where he/she operates. It is essential for this type of translator to know the topic well. This paper deals with this issue in relation to the terminology found in the wine-growing sector, where many specialised meaning units are contained, as there are several lexical domains and sub-domains underlying the event (wine). Our onset is the establishment of premises for the execution of the WeinApp project: A lexical system for wine resources and information. This study focuses on lexis from a contrastive perspective and searches for correct equivalences for the translation of the specialised texts. In fact, within the food sector, wine manufacturing and culture constitute a broad field of study not only in scienfitic disciplines, but also in the Humanities in terms of text typology, phraseology, specialized lexis, culturemes, and contrastive analysis applied to text translation and discourse interpretation. The reputed characteristics of the product tend to lead to such a wealth of linguistic, textual and cultural units. Knowledge of grammatical forms, word formation, and mechanisms for the creation of new terms in the original language (German) will enable, as shall be described, a working tool for the translator, who will gain access to correct translations in the texts.

Keyphrases: Ontología, terminología, traducción, traducción especializada, Vitivinicultura

In: Alejandro Curado (editor). LSP in Multi-disciplinary contexts of Teaching and Research. Papers from the 16th International AELFE Conference, vol 3, pages 65--71

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