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Social Support for Pedagogical Career Guidance in Preuniversity Adolescents

EasyChair Preprint no. 8942

15 pagesDate: October 3, 2022


Social support for the pedagogical professional orientation of pre-university teenagers constitutes a challenge for the social and pedagogical sciences given the alarming decrease in the number of teachers in Basic Secondary, Pre-university, Technical-Professional Education and pedagogical schools in different municipalities and Cuban provinces. That reality deserves to be transformed. The objective of the article is to carry out a bibliographic and documentary review on the subject of Social support and Professional Pedagogical Guidance in pre-university teenagers. The consultations on the subject were made in digital data sources in Web of Science, Scopus, EBSCO, PubMed (search engine), SciELO, DOAJ and Redalyc, with an emphasis on original articles and systematic reviews. The following keywords were used in English and Spanish: Social Support, Professional Pedagogical Guidance, teenagers, pre-university. It was found that the main form of support is informative and the orientation carried out by the school is reduced to providing information to students about various careers. It is concluded that in the face of the necessary measures of social isolation taken by the global emergency of the COVID 19 pandemic, timely actions of social support should be generated for professional pedagogical guidance combining different types of support, informational, instrumental, emotional and different types of massive activities and individual to guarantee the quality of educational services in Cuba.

Keyphrases: guidance, pedagogical, preuniversity, professional, social, support, teenagers

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