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Time for Politics vs Time for Care

EasyChair Preprint no. 4283

4 pagesDate: September 28, 2020


This paper analyzes the time female politicians devote to politics based on the concept of everyday life, in that there are certain implications in the social organization of time and space, according to the notion of welfare. By means of an exploratory review, it is analyzed how demanding political life tends to be, and how time is organized around a masculine pattern. Due to the fact that men do not deal with care issues, the enjoy freedom, and their time in the public sphere is far-reaching. However, the time female politicians devote to politics has specific connotations for them because of the sexual division of labor, and those who hold decision making positions are forced to relegate family care to other women. Additionally, there is some research that documents that these women face health issues that should be studied in depth.

Keyphrases: everyday life, time, women in decision making spaces

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