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Application of the Strategic Approach in Planning of the Accreditation of Engineering Programs

EasyChair Preprint no. 270

10 pagesDate: June 16, 2018


Accreditation is also a cultural issue. From the perspective of individual and collective behaviors, the path towards the maturity of the processes of educational evaluation must go through different contexts, since there is total indifference, passing where those who make the minimum effort to fulfill academic commitments and accreditation, from there where those who work as usual and add what is necessary for accreditation, until you reach where you work with commitment trying to improve and doing it as part of the usual activities.

The sustainability of an accreditation process combines on the one hand,  the formation of a collective conscience that evolves and grows as a critical mass, and on the other, the route and adressing that with strong  leadership it generates trust that will come to fruition, that is, that the strategic vision plan will guide collective efforts towards the expected success, to face the following evaluation for accreditation purposes, recognizing its dynamic nature that is parallel to an evolutionary regulatory framework that, in turn demands self-regulation and maturity of the academic community.

Keyphrases: Accreditation, Engineering, evaluation, Plan, Quality, strategic, training

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