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Data Audit System

EasyChair Preprint no. 4602

8 pagesDate: November 19, 2020


This research describes the development and operational technical support of the Data Audit System (AUDAT), which constitutes an application software for the management of the auditing process, as a result of the Collaboration Agreement between the University of Informatics Sciences (UCI ) and the Comptroller General of the Republic of Cuba (CGR). AUDAT provides an increase in the quality of the auditing process, optimizing the work by minimizing the current manual load and, therefore, facilitating decision making. The implemented system guarantees the necessary computer support for the treatment of the information in the data audit process carried out in the CGR, achieving the optimization of this process. Allows auditors to manipulate the data sources of the audited systems by importing data from different files such as: SQLite, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, dBase and CSV and from PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL database managers Server and Oracle. Graphically displays the results of filters or record extractions. In addition to performing different statistical analyzes such as: simple random sampling, stratified random sampling and systematic sampling.

Keyphrases: AUDAT, data audit, statistical analysis

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