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Consequences of Covid-19 on the studies of automation students

EasyChair Preprint no. 5167

5 pagesDate: March 16, 2021


A pandemic that has shaken the whole world for a year has been visible everywhere. People have had to adapt and adapt their activities to the prevailing situation. In March 2020, the education sector moved from traditional contact teaching to full distance learning with an incredibly fast schedule. Everything happened in the middle of the ongoing courses without extra time to prepare. A real forced digital leap has happened.

Although many went beyond themselves and the lessons were completed in the spring, it did not happen without negative effects. This study examines the consequences of a pandemic from the perspective of automation students and teaching.

The material used in the study is material collected from automation students at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. The material was collected by means of a questionnaire, which was sent to all approximately 300 students in electrical and automation technology. 

The method of analysis used is mainly the method of qualitative analysis, content analysis. The study approaches students' experiences from four different perspectives.

The aim of this study presented in this paper is to specifically identify the challenges faced by automation students and identify the most critical points therefrom. The primary purpose of the results is to improve students’ learning environment while the pandemic is still going on.

A secondary goal stems from the fact that very likely distance learning has come to stay. In TAMK as well as possibly in other educational institutions, there is a need to allocate resources to more relevant issues. In addition, teachers have willingness to continue teaching partly remotely.

Keyphrases: automation student, COVID-19, distance teaching, training, Welfare

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