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Aerodynamic Properties Influencing a "Formula 1" Vehicle by Means of CFD

EasyChair Preprint no. 6294

8 pagesDate: August 14, 2021


One of the fluids that most affects a Formula 1 vehicle is air, so it is very important to study the forces acting on the body of the vehicle through aerodynamics. Although at first glance we can realize that an ordinary vehicle is different from a Formula 1 vehicle, its quantitative analysis is very important to understand the resistance that the car has in the presence of air. The following research will start from the model of a ¨Formula 1¨ car body obtained from GrabCAD  (Roy, 2019)  and the CDF provided by the SolidWorks 2020 software  (Corporation, 2020) will be used to calculate the parameters about the drag coefficient, the air fluid lines and the pressure acting directly on the car body that will be presented in the results of this research.

Keyphrases: Aerodinámica, CFD, Coeficiente de arrastre, Formula 1

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