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Metavars in Blockchain

EasyChair Preprint no. 7160

4 pagesDate: December 6, 2021


This artide describes virtual worlds as examples of cyberspace and describes the technical aspects of these spaces and their precursors.This potential describes an emerging economic environment and considers the importance of Metavars in China's blockchain network without borders in the future.Metavars is made up of two words, "Meta" meaning beyond and "Universe" meaning world. In general, the word metaverse means "beyond Universe".The world of Metavars is set to embrace digital assets that provide extra-regional access to services and products, and, thanks to blockchain-based digital identity solutions that help truly stable digital avatars, values such as unauthorized access, resistance to censorship, and security. And inherit the decentralization on which China's blockchain industry is built

At present, Metavars projects and social media platforms are undergoing a lot of currency development and have great technical and initial advantages over corporate-backed offerings that make them democratic and public. We look at how it works and the challenges and opportunities that this will have in the future

Keyphrases: NFT, virtual space, دیسنترالند, متاورس،بلاکچین

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