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Analysis of the Energy Effitiency of the Pump Unit with a Mechanical Method of Regulation Perfomance

EasyChair Preprint no. 3304

5 pagesDate: April 30, 2020


A mathematical model of an asynchronous electric drive of a pumping unit is considered, which allows taking into account the technical characteristics of a centrifugal pump and the actual schedule of water intake. The real Q-H characteristic of the pump is approximated by a parabola, whose coefficients are calculated based on the design and geometric features of the pump. The model also includes parameters of the main line and the control valve. In addition, the model takes into account the actions of the operator by introducing an integrating link. The model is implemented in the Simulink software package. The energy consumption calculation blocks used in the model allow analyzing the energy consumption of existing pumping units and making a reasonable conclusion about the feasibility of upgrading by installing a frequency converter.

Keyphrases: asynchronous electric drive, Centrifugal pump, Implementation Efficiency, mathematical model, Q-H characteristic, schedule of water intake

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