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Security Analysis of First and Third Party Applications Using File Backup

EasyChair Preprint no. 3937

7 pagesDate: July 23, 2020


Forensics on mobile devices is not new. Many academics or legal entities have conducted forensics on mobile devices with specific objectives. First and third party applications are supported on mobile devices, because third party applications have many and varied functions and can be installed on mobile devices. Third-party applications can be found in stores that provide third-party applications, for example, the most famous Appstore and Play Store. Whereas the first party application is automatically installed on the mobile device according to the manufacturer. First and third party applications can be done for forensic analysis because the application stores information about the mobile device used. including information about users useful for investigations. the main purpose of a mobile device forensic analysis is to find out whether third-party application usage leaves data in the internal storage of a mobile device. This paper analyzes third-party applications installed on mobile devices by utilizing backup files from mobile devices through the iTunes and 3uTools applications to analyze the information or data stored.

Keyphrases: Digital Forensics, First party applications, Forensics, mobile devices, Third party applications

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