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Management Model of Ecological Tourism for Francisco de Orellana City

EasyChair Preprint no. 2341

10 pagesDate: January 9, 2020


The purpose of the present research is to design a Management model of Ecological  tourism for Francisco de Orellana City.  through of collection of information, touristic offer, and it was done the analysis of biophysical, socio-cultural, economical areas, touristic plant and touristic superstructure and the touristic attractive where 4 natural places and 5 cultural were identified. With the application of environmental impact matrix it was determined that the touristic attractive present a great level of pollution due to the presence of industrial sector and wrong management of dirty water and solid waste, the tourist attractive more affected are: Napo and Payamino rivers, Payamino ecopark Yacu and the malecon, throughout solutions matrix establish environmental remediation alternatives. With the obtained results it is designed a management model of sustainable tourism based on the objectives of Plan Nacional del Buen Vivir and PLANDETUR 2020. It is concluded that management model will provide the beginning in order to develop a touristic sustainable activity into the city.

Key Words: Sustainable Tourism, Management model, environmental sustainability, government policies, environmental impact.

Keyphrases: environmental impact, Environmental Sustainability, Government Policies, management model, sustainable tourism

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