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Description of the Production Chain of the Concha Prieta Bivalve Mollusc "Anadara Tuberculosa"

EasyChair Preprint no. 3749

10 pagesDate: July 4, 2020


The objective of this research is to describe the production chain of the Concha Prieta bivalve mollusc "Anadara tuberculosa". In this sense, a bibliographic research methodology was applied. It was concluded that this production chain is made up of three links: the shellcollectors or "concheros"; wholesalers and retailers; finally, restaurants, cevicherías, picanterías, cocktail bars and the like. This specimen or fruit of the sea is highly desired for fresh and raw consumption, but is mostly consumed cooked in coastal areas in tourist and recreation sites, as well as homes. It is recommended to extend the investigation in those key factors that can improve their levels of sustainability, competitiveness and production and commercialization potential for the international market.

Keyphrases: competitiveness, Mangroves, Restaurants, Shellcolector, Traders

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