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Shared Heritage Risk in Blue Amazonia. a Retrofit of the Gamboa de Baixo

EasyChair Preprint no. 5768

14 pagesDate: June 12, 2021


The built-up Cultural Heritage constitutes a “spiritual asset” as a creation of Man/Woman, creatures of God. It grows as a “transcendental asset” due to its capacity to go beyond space, time, and society's demands. Above all, it is a “legal asset” given the highest protection under the Law and Rights, which Government and society must safeguard, protect and value. Therefore, any reflection or analysis concerning the preservation of heritage is justifiable, this case studies the Historical Centre of Salvador classified as World Heritage Humanity since 1985 (criteria IV and VI). It is located in a 76-hectare area built in the extreme West (average height 64m) bordering the All Saints´ Bay in Brazil declared center of Blue Amazonia. There have ruins of military fortifications classified by IPHAN and historic buildings donated to the Benedictine Order by the Portuguese settler Gabriel Soares de Sousa. Residential disadvantaged areas became area unfortunately disputed by real estate speculation and regional development projects aimed at nautical tourism. Celebrating 200 years of Brazilian Independence next year and Considering that place was very importante for descouvery and defend of Colonial time, the aim of this work is to rescue cultural memories by refuting the studies and assumptions that influence negatively decision-making and cultural assets conservations. The methodology includes: field research and bibliographic reviews (sui generis), secondary sources, legislation, magazines, topographies, state reports, handwritten references, conservation lists and more recent materials to uncover the historical contexts, theories and other aspects of property sharing. The results will be contributions to the scientific community and representatives of the patrimony through this “retrofit proposal” for the Gamboa de Baixo project turning the World Heritage threats into opportunities to improve the degree of protection determined previously by UNESCO.

Keyphrases: Blue Amazonia, Cultural Heritage., Gamboa de Baixo, Retrofit, Shared Heritage, UNESCO

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