Prof. Dr. Muhammad M.A.S. Mahmoud
Affiliation: Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS)
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Prof. Muhammad M.A.S. Mahmoud is  a double major PhD holder. He has had the opportunity to work across multiple sites (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Korea, France, UK, Italy, Oman, India, Singapore, Azerbaijan and Egypt) that have provided him the opportunity to become familiar with global engineering and business practices. Prof. Mahmoud has worked in the academic filed to train and teach different electrical courses in different countries such as Kuwait, UAE, Romania, Russia and Azerbaijan.  His dual Phd certificates has Major subject in “Electrical Power Engineering & Machines”, and “Information Technology and Computers”.  He is also Certified Electrical Power Distribution Network Consultant and Six Sigma. In parallel to his academic work, Prof. Mahmoud worked as professional Electrical Engineering Consultant for more than 30 years in multi billions turnkey project for different oil and gas sectors and government sectors.

Currently, Prof. Mahmoud is working as Professor for BHOS - Azerbaijan since 2017.

Pof. Mahmoud is  IEEE senior member since 2001 and IEEE Technical Reviewer for Transaction on Fuzzy Systems TFS

On November 2015, he received International IASTEM Excellent Paper Award and Golden Medal for category of Best Presentation & Best Content”. Paper title: “ENHANCEMENT OF H2S GAS SWEETENING SEPARATOR USING MIMO FUZZY LOGIC CONTROLLER”

On December 2015, Prof. Mahmoud received Excellent Oral Presentation Award from ASR (American Society for Research) Paper title: “Real Time Implementation of the Grid to Analyze the Performance of the Variable Speed Wind Turbine - Generator during Grid Disturbances”.