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Out of 19 features included in our plans only 1 is fully supported and 5 partially supported
in other online meeting solutions! And more features are to come ...

Basic Plan

For small conferences and workshops

Best Value


For small to medium conferences seeking advanced virtual conference tools


Looking for trouble-free organization? Value your and your participants' time? Let us take care of the organization and work with your participants!

$19 USD

per person, per day. $17 for more than 100 participants. Minimum 50 person-days

$24 USD

per person, per day. $21 for more than 100 participants. Minimum 100 person-days


To get a quotation for this plan, please contact our sales team.

Top features

  • Extra security features
  • Conference roles support (superchairs, session chairs, presenters, participants)
  • Live talks with slides or pre-recorded talks
  • Access to pre-conference training rooms for all roles
  • Participant questions
  • Chart support with recording
  • Intelligent assistant for session chairs and presenters
  • Slide processing using EasyChair Smart Slide
  • Program editing using EasyChair Smart Program

Top features

  • All Basic features +
  • Up to 3 parallel sessions with navigation across them
  • Poster sessions
  • Session recording
  • Logs with statistics and analytics
  • Live session overview room

Top features

  • All Pro features +
  • Unlimited parallel sessions
  • Trouble-free preparation (let EasyChair staff do the work for you)
  • Sponsor logos and virtual sponsor rooms
  • Permanent poster sessions
  • Talk editing by EasyChair
  • Publishing of conference presentations

Optional features

  • EasyChair trained staff presence
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  1. 10% will be added to all prices for conferences not hosted in EasyChair or without an executive or an organization-wide license
  2. Applications may be rejected given the high demand of our services if not paid in advance within 60 days: all slides, prerecorded talks and the conference program should be prepared and uploaded beforehand and we should have enough staff in place for the conference dates.
  3. Volume discount is possible

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