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Dynamic Route Optimization for Heterogeneous Agent Envisaging Topographic of Maps

12 pagesPublished: June 25, 2018


Dynamic Route Optimization is a generic problem for the commuter traveling diagonally in the smart cities; complex road network poses challenges for the heterogeneous agents to opt for route from source to destination. In smart grid of road network where intersections, roundabouts, footpaths, pedestrian bridges and tunnels having variant topographic features as a result route optimization create diversity. In various part of the cities where gridlock observed, consequently routing application recommend a route where a grid of intersecting streets completely congested where no vehicular movement is possible. In the paper we explored that how to enhance the utility of an existing application, prevent the gridlock affects and non- deterministic delay by considering topographic features of road networks using optimal shortest path routing algorithm Dijkstra. For this purpose, instituting a profile of Agents and feature recording of road network, e.g. height, width, speed and capacity is a prerequisite. Augmentation of Dijkstra algorithm according to the topographies of a Heterogeneous Agent, road network and agent simulation using SUMO (Simulation of Urban Mobility) in real time environment.
Commuter described the intricate parameter of an agent, e.g. height, width and capacity at the time profile creation, recall the parameter while devising route and its calculation of alternative preferences. Functional utility authenticated and compared with the existing application, e.g. Google Maps, OSM (Open Street Maps).

Keyphrases: Dijikstra SUMO topographic Road Netwoks OSM, Dyanic Route Optimization, heterogeneous agent

In: Evamarie Wießner, Leonhard Lücken, Robert Hilbrich, Yun-Pang Flötteröd, Jakob Erdmann, Laura Bieker-Walz and Michael Behrisch (editors). SUMO 2018- Simulating Autonomous and Intermodal Transport Systems, vol 2, pages 206--217

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