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Interactive and Adaptable Cloud-based Virtual Equipment and Laboratories for 21st Century Science and Engineering Education

7 pagesPublished: February 12, 2020


This paper presents and discusses the use of simulation-based customizable online learning activities, virtual laboratories, and comprehensive e-Learning environments for teaching subjects such as materials science, chemistry, and biomanufacturing. The virtual equipment and lab assignments have been used for: (i) authentic online experimentation, (ii) homework and control assignments with traditional and blended courses, (iii) preparing students for hands-on work in real labs, (iv) lecture demonstrations, and (v) performance-based assessment of students’ ability to apply gained theoretical knowledge for operating actual equipment and solving practical problems. Using the associated learning and content management system (LCMS) and authoring tools, instructors kept track of student performance and designed new virtual experiments and more personalized learning assignments for students. Virtual X-Ray Laboratory and Web-based Environment for Single-Use Upstream Bioprocessing have been used to illustrate the implementation of the concept of Interactive and Adjustable Cloud-based e-Learning Tools. The virtual labs and e-learning environments have been used at two-year and four-year colleges and universities in the USA, UK, Tanzania and some other countries. The virtual X-Ray lab has also been integrated with the MITx course delivered via the MOOC (massive open online course) edX platform for Massachusetts Institute of Technology undergraduate students.

Keyphrases: Biomanufacturing, biopharmaceutical, Biotechnology, digital learning, e-learning, online training, Virtual equipment, Virtual Laboratories, workforce development, X-ray diffraction

In: Claudia Urrea (editor). Proceedings of the MIT LINC 2019 Conference, vol 3, pages 47--53

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