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Possibilities of milpa identification in Yucatan through remote sensing techniques and Sentinel-2 data

7 pagesPublished: November 4, 2019


Maya milpa is one of the most important agrifood systems in Mesoamerica, not only because its ancient origin but also due to lead an increase in landscape diversity and to be a relevant source of families food security and food sovereignty. Nowadays, satellite remote sensing data, as the multispectral images of Sentinel-2 platforms, permit us the monitor- ing of different kinds of structures such as water bodies, urban areas, and particularly agricultural fields. Through its multispectral signatures, mono-crop fields or homogeneous vegetation zones like corn fields, barley fields, or other ones, have been successfully detected by using classification techniques with multispectral images. However, Maya milpa is a complex field which is conformed by different kinds of vegetables species and fragments of natural vegetation that in conjunction cannot be considered as a mono-crop field. In this work, we show some preliminary studies on the availability of monitoring this complex system in a region of interest in Yucatan, through a support vector machine (SVM) approach.

Keyphrases: classification process, milpa, multispectral images, Polyculture

In: Oscar S. Siordia, José Luis Silván Cárdenas, Alejandro Molina-Villegas, Gandhi Hernandez, Pablo Lopez-Ramirez, Rodrigo Tapia-McClung, Karime González Zuccolotto and Mario Chirinos Colunga (editors). Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Geospatial Information Sciences, vol 13, pages 79--85

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