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The Info-Computation Turn in Physics

14 pagesPublished: June 22, 2012


Modern Computation and Information theories have had significant impact on science in the 20th century - in theory and application. This influence is tracked (through a generalized, Information-laden scientific Style of Reasoning denoting the Information-theoretical and Computational turn in science), with a focus on the information processing and transfer metaphors and descriptive tools prevalent in current physics. Implementation of Information-Theoretical concepts produces such mathematical physical developments as Black-Hole Thermodynamics (BHTD) and the Black-Hole Wars (Suskind, 2008). The treatment of physical systems as information processing systems drives such branches of physics as Quantum Information Theory (QIT). The common Informational basis of computation and communication brings about a foundational shift in scientific reasoning with deep – potentially problematic as well as intriguing – philosophical ramifications. Models of computation and of physics

Keyphrases: black-hole thermodynamics, digital ontology, Digital physics, history of science, Pan-computationalism, philosophy of science, scientific revolution, styles of reasoning

In: Andrei Voronkov (editor). Turing-100. The Alan Turing Centenary, vol 10, pages 20--33

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