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Virtual Acoustics for Concert Advertisement

8 pagesPublished: January 24, 2019


"Vision Kirchenmusik" is a project group to find new concepts for presenting church music. One of the most recent projects is the concert advertisement and preparation presenting the St. Luke Passion composed by Krzystof Penderecki. This contribution reports on the audio production carried out for a guided inner city walk presenting light art and sound installations. In particular, the binaural synthesis of reverb
using Higher Order Ambisonics is discussed.

Keyphrases: Ambsionics Reverb, binaural synthesis, Higher Order Ambisonics, Light Installations, sound installations, Virtual Acoustics

In: Philipp Kessling and Thomas Görne (editors). KLG 2017. klingt gut! 2017 – international Symposium on Sound, vol 1, pages 9--16

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