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Entropic Hopf algebras

4 pagesPublished: July 28, 2014


Classically, Hopf algebras are defined on the basis of modules over commutative rings. The present study seeks to extend the Hopf algebra formalism to a more general universal-algebraic setting, entropic varieties, including (pointed) sets, barycentric algebras, semilattices, and commutative monoids. The concept of a setlike (or grouplike) element may be defined, and group algebras constructed, in any such variety. In particular, group algebras within the variety of barycentric algebras consist precisely of finitely supported probability distributions on groups. For primitive elements and group quantum doubles, the natural universal-algebraic classes are entropic Jónsson-Tarski varieties (such as semilattices or commutative monoids). There, the tensor algebra on any algebra is a bialgebra, and the set of primitive elements of a Hopf algebra forms an abelian group. Coalgebra congruences on comonoids in entropic varieties are also studied.

Keyphrases: co-algebra, commutative monoid, Entropic Algebra, Hopf algebra, Jónsson-Tarski algebra, quantum double, semilattice

In: Nikolaos Galatos, Alexander Kurz and Constantine Tsinakis (editors). TACL 2013. Sixth International Conference on Topology, Algebra and Categories in Logic, vol 25, pages 187--190

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