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Topical Neural Theorem Prover that Induces Rules

14 pagesPublished: April 27, 2020


Various sub-symbolic approaches for reasoning and learning have been proposed in the literature. Among these approaches, the neural theorem prover (NTP) approach uses a backward chaining reasoning mechanism to guide a machine learning architecture to learn vector embedding representations of predicates and to induce first-order clauses from a given knowledge base. NTP is however known for being not scalable, as the computation trees generated by the backward chaining process can grow exponentially with the size of the given knowledge base. In this paper we address this limitation by extending the NTP approach with a topic-based method for controlling the induction of first-order clauses. Our proposed approach, called TNTP for Topical NTP, identifies topic-based clusters over a large knowledge-base and uses these clusters to control the soft unification of predicates during the learning process with the effect of reducing the size of the computation tree needed to induce first-order clauses. Our TNTP framework is capable of learning a diverse set of induced rules that have improved predictive accuracy, whilst reducing the computational time by several orders of magnitude. We demonstrated this by evaluating our approach on three different datasets (UMLS, Kinship and Nations) and comparing our results with that of the NTP method, chosen here as our baseline.

Keyphrases: deep learning, embedding, neural theorem prover, neural-symbolic integration, rule induction, topic

In: Gregoire Danoy, Jun Pang and Geoff Sutcliffe (editors). GCAI 2020. 6th Global Conference on Artificial Intelligence (GCAI 2020), vol 72, pages 107--120

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