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DEMO - A Simulation Framework for Multi-modal Commuting and Parking Optimization.

2 pagesPublished: August 13, 2019


In the last decade, many efforts to solve traffic congestion and sustainable growth issues are going in the direction of research and investments in smart cities and consequently smart mobility.
We use the proposed simulation framework is compatible with SUMO 1.1.0. We use it to study multi-modal commuting and parking optimization issues in a state-of-the-art large-scale mobility scenario, and we intend to demonstrate the ease of use and its capabilities.

Keyphrases: Large-scale Mobility Scenario, Parking optimization, traffic simulation

In: Melanie Weber, Laura Bieker-Walz, Robert Hilbrich and Michael Behrisch (editors). SUMO User Conference 2019, vol 62, pages 256--257

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