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Blockchain Adoption in Greece: Which Are the Resources Needed? Which Is the Role of Dynamic Capabilities?

EasyChair Preprint no. 10847

17 pagesDate: September 6, 2023


Indubitably, blockchain comprises one of the most significant innovations emerged at the outset of this century. Although it promises valuable advantages (e.g., decentralization, trust, transparency, immutability, decreased cost) in a great array of domains, the Greek organizations have not tried to harness its virtues yet due to the lack of indispensable resources. Based on the Resource Based View and the Dynamic Capabilities Theory, this study discusses the existing body of literature on the topic of blockchain adoption and conducts semi-structured interviews with Greek blockchain experts in order to detect the resources that the blockchain adopters and the blockchain providers need. Furthermore, it identifies the dynamic capabilities required for the development of the necessary resources leading to the competitive advantage in the forthcoming blockchain-based era. The results of this research will contribute to the diffusion of blockchain in the Greek market.

Keyphrases: Blockchain adoption, dynamic capabilities, Greece, resource-based view, semi-structured interviews

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