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A Smart Rig for Calibration of Gas Sensor Nodes: Test and Deployment

EasyChair Preprint no. 3608

6 pagesDate: June 14, 2020


Nowadays, large number of sensors are deployed and used for air quality monitoring or in some industries processing hazardous gases. These sensors need periodic calibration to ensure reliable measurements. This paper proposes a dedicated smart calibration rig with a set of novel features enabling complete automation and parallel calibration.  The calibration process is completely automated by developing a LabVIEW-based platform that controls the calibration environment for the sensor nodes under test, logs sensor data, generates an updated calibration equation and uploads it to the sensor node for next deployments. The results demonstrate the effectiveness of the sensor calibration rig. 

Keyphrases: cross sensitivity, Gas sensors calibration, IEEE 802.15.4, piecewise curve fitting, ZigBee

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