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ETA Concept Program for Reducing Green House Effect in Indonesia Industrial Scale with IoT Integrated

EasyChair Preprint no. 6645

12 pagesDate: September 21, 2021


Carbon emissions are one of the big polemics in Indonesia, around 200 tons of carbon per hectare comes from 94.1 million hectares of forest land and around 1000 tons of carbon per hectare comes from 22.5 million hectares of peat soil. Indonesia is the largest emitter in the world with an emission value of 1.68% of the total 40.9 billion carbon dioxide that has an impact on climate change and global warming. In the Kyoto agreement, there is a solution in the form of an Emission Trading scheme which was announced at a macro level. This study aims to design an Emission Trading Application (ETA) application to control the high demand and low demand of a factory/manufacturer that requires emission slots in the Emission Trading scheme that limits emissions from a factory/manufacturer to overcome domestic trade problems in Indonesia. In addition, the Emission Trading Application (ETA) is also expected to help in increasing the country's foreign exchange with sustainable development. The method used in the development of this application, namely the qualitative descriptive method with the deepening of the material through the study of literature. The ETA program will offer emission quotas available to companies that should reduce their emissions. The ETA program will facilitate demands that have excess carbon emission quotas to become suppliers for companies with production levels of emissions that exceed the specified emission quota.

Keyphrases: carbon emission, emission trading, Emission Trading Application

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