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The Effect of Designers' Participation on Industrial Design Performance in Product Development Stage

EasyChair Preprint no. 10024

10 pagesDate: May 9, 2023


Purpose of the study: We quantitatively analyzed industrial design and design capabilities lacking in previous literature. This study deals with the moderating effect of the level of designer participation in the product development stage.

Methodology: The product development stage was simplified into three steps: ‘Pre-design,’ ‘Design,’ and ‘Post-design,’ and repeated analysis was conducted by varying the data set to large, medium-sized, and small firms to see differences according to the size of the enterprise. Hierarchical regression analysis is used as a research method. The data were analyzed by selecting quantitatively measured data from the "Industrial Design Statistical Survey."

Findings: The results of the study are as follows. Large and mid-sized companies were found to have a positive effect on the participation of designers in the "Pre-design stage," and it was also effectively found to participate in many stages. For SMEs, it is positive that designers of the "Design stage" participate, and the "Pre-design" stage positively impacts the outsourcing of design companies. Finally, for small businesses, it was found that designers' input was influential in the design stage and the 'Post design' stage.

Research limitations/Implications The limit is the use of specific country data. The design process is often not exposed to the outside, making it challenging to collect data. In addition, the study visualized the 'design' process and considered the contribution of designer participation. Through this, we contributed to quantifying the design process of companies.

Originality/value This study is an early-stage study that quantitatively measures the 'Design' process. Precedent studies on 'Industrial Design' are rarely quantitative due to difficulties in measuring the Qualitative character of industrial design. Unlike previous studies, we attempted to measure the quantitative effect of industrial design on corporate performance.

Keyphrases: design performance, Designer Participation, industrial design, Product Development Process, SMEs

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