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Tourist e-Guide

EasyChair Preprint no. 5701

4 pagesDate: June 4, 2021


This research paper is written for my idea on smart Tourism planning i.e. Tourist e-Guide. Now we are in the era of creative Technology where the mobile phone makes our work easy and fast. My idea is related to a system for providing Quality Tourism Information (QTI) and support for a Free Individual traveller to obtain localized information specific to a particular geographic area (e.g., few meters). It will be a tourist guide web page/app to help them as an e-guide.

This web page/app is not just interested in the location but also other elements of the user's context, such as buildings in view, attractions, and equipment nearby such as public telephones and toilets. In this web app, we provide the history of the location with audio/video. In this web page/app there is a feature for story sharing, Book bus tickets, flight-ticket, hotels, ola, uber, food service, etc. While developing a project on Tourist e-Guide beginners must use java as it follows oops principles. We will make an interface and graphics-based program using the facilities of Swing components. This application will automatically suggest new tourist destinations according to user choice. This application will help in providing all related information such as before going to any tour tourist need to know the weather condition of their destination so that accordingly he/she will pack their bag all this information will be provided. With the help of the best API and this will be one of our main aims.

Keyphrases: API, E-Guide, geocoding widget, Mashup, Newsfeed, tourist attraction, Translation Software

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