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SVR-1 (Beta Version): An Educational VR Experience for Earthquake Disaster Mitigation in Bhutan

EasyChair Preprint no. 1309

2 pagesDate: July 19, 2019


SVR-1 is an educational VR experience for earthquake disaster mitigation in Bhutan, in which users can experience an earthquake and practice with earthquake mitigation measures. A user can experience a virtual earthquake in a room which is based on traditional Bhutanese home design and learn about earthquake disaster mitigation, with Oculus Quest. In this VR experience, first, the user experiences a devastating earthquake. After the earthquake, some glowing and floating indicators appear at the important points of interest for the earthquake disaster mitigation. Then, the user would touch the indicators to display text regarding knowledge about how to handle a devastating earthquake. After that, the earthquake prevention equipment kit on the table appears in the room. Then, the user would take the equipment, and the kit prompts the user to place the equipment in the correct position. The user would place the equipment with their own hands using the Oculus Touch Controllers which utilize six degrees of freedom (6DoF) tracking. After completing the task, a devastating earthquake occurs again, and the user would safely experience it.

Keyphrases: interaction, Technologies, Virtual and Augmented Reality

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