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Effect of Leachate on Nkisi River in Onitsha Metropolis

EasyChair Preprint no. 5395

5 pagesDate: April 28, 2021


This study investigates the effect of leachate on Nkisi River in Onitsha. Surface water is susceptible to contamination by leachate from dump sites and the use of such polluted water poses health risks to humans. In this study, leachate samples (sample C) were collected from a trench dug around the dump site which allows for the leachate to drain into. A reach was selected from the river which has a distance of 13.4meters. Water samples were also collected from both the downstream of the reach (sample A) which is being utilized by the nearby settlement and the upstream area (sample B) to serves as a control. Water quality index (WQI) and leachate pollution index (LPI) were calculated from physicochemical parameters such as pH, temperature, nitrate, total hardness, electrical conductivity, biochemical oxygen demand, total dissolved solids, total suspended solids and heavy metals. The results obtained for the WQI were found to be 396.34 for sample A and 445.21 for sample B while LPI for Sample C was found to be 19.998. In conclusion, there is an indication that water abstracted from Nkisi River is not suitable for domestic purposes. It is therefore recommended that dumpsite should be managed properly by ANSEPA and ANSWAMA in order to control leachate flow pattern, in the surroundings of Nkisi dumpsites.

Keyphrases: Dump-site, Leachate, Nkisi River, Water Quality Index

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