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Functionalization of Aluminum Nitride Nanocages for Enhanced Selectivity and Targeted Delivery of Thiotepa in Cancer Therapy

EasyChair Preprint no. 13379

27 pagesDate: May 20, 2024


Aluminum nitride (AlN) nanocages have emerged as a promising platform for targeted drug delivery in cancer therapy. These nanostructures possess unique physicochemical properties, including high thermal and chemical stability, low toxicity, and the ability to be tailored for specific applications.
In the context of cancer treatment, the selective and controlled delivery of potent anticancer agents is crucial to maximize therapeutic efficacy while minimizing adverse side effects. Thiotepa, a chemotherapeutic drug, has demonstrated significant clinical potential in the management of various cancer types. However, the non-selective biodistribution and dose-limiting toxicities associated with conventional thiotepa administration have hindered its widespread clinical utility.
The functionalization of AlN nanocages offers a strategic approach to address these limitations. By integrating targeting ligands and other functional moieties onto the surface of the nanocages, it is possible to enhance their selectivity towards cancer cells, facilitating the targeted delivery of thiotepa. This approach can improve the pharmacokinetic profile of the drug, increase its accumulation at the tumor site, and reduce off-target effects, thereby enhancing the therapeutic index of thiotepa.
This review will explore the development and evaluation of functionalized AlN nanocages for the targeted delivery of thiotepa in cancer therapy. It will cover the synthesis and characterization of AlN nanocages, the strategies for their surface functionalization, the incorporation and controlled release of thiotepa, and the in vitro and in vivo assessment of the targeted delivery system's efficacy and safety. The potential challenges and future perspectives in the clinical translation of this technology will also be discussed.

Keyphrases: article writings, Biological Sciences, Biotechnology

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