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Unmasking the Illusions: Navigating Challenges and Innovations in Deepfake Detection

EasyChair Preprint no. 11958

11 pagesDate: February 5, 2024


Deepfake technology, fueled by rapid advancements in artificial intelligence, has emerged as a pervasive threat, enabling the creation of hyper-realistic synthetic media. This paper delves into the multifaceted landscape of deepfake detection, exploring the challenges posed by sophisticated manipulation techniques and the recent advances in combating this digital deception. From the intricacies of facial reenactment to the evolving nature of generative models, we examine key aspects of deepfake creation, highlighting the pressing need for robust detection mechanisms. The paper presents an overview of current strategies, ranging from traditional methods to cutting-edge AI-based solutions, underscoring their strengths and limitations. By understanding the complexities of deepfake detection, we aim to contribute to the ongoing discourse on safeguarding the integrity of digital content.

Keyphrases: Adversarial Attack, Artificial, Deepfake, Deepfake Detection, digital deception, Facial Reenactment, generative models, intelligence, Manipulation Techniques, Media Integrity, synthetic media

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