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Contributions to the Development of a Hydrogen Economy in Brazil

EasyChair Preprint no. 8861

2 pagesDate: September 22, 2022


The energy transition is a structural and irreversible process of transformations in the world energy matrixes, mostly fossil and greenhouse gas (GHG) emitters, to clean and renewable matrixes. In this decarbonisation context, green or low-carbon hydrogen (H2) emerges as a potential key energy vector for the ongoing transition.
Currently, about 35 countries around the world already present H2 strategies and regulatory roadmaps to support the development of a green, low-carbon H2 economy. Moreover, every day, new projects, international cooperations and technological and regulatory innovations are being announced. In line with global initiatives, Brazil has presented significant advances regarding the structuring of an H2 economy. In 2020, the Energy Research Company (EPE) published the National Energy Expansion Plan 2050, presenting H2 as a disruptive and strategic technology for the Brazilian energy sector. In 2021, the government presented guidelines for a National Hydrogen Program (PNH2). At the same time, several memoranda of understanding and projects in the national territory are being developed, following a gradual approach to the insertion of this vector. Since Brazil presents unique characteristics for the development of the H2 economy, considering its capacity of expansion and operation of renewable energies and the presence of a land, pipeline and maritime transport infrastructure, it is considered a player with high potential to export green H2, as well as to develop its internal market. Given this context and considering that Brazil is still in the development stage of its national strategy, the central objective of this article is to contribute to the formulation of actions and policies that support the consolidation of an H2 economy in Brazil.

Keyphrases: Brazil, economy, energy transition, Green Hydrogen

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