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QoS Based Routing Algorithm for Software Defined Network Using Ant Colony Optimization

EasyChair Preprint no. 3906

8 pagesDate: July 18, 2020


Recently, software-defined networking (SDN) is the most promising solutions for future network. In SDN, networking architecture combines central management and along with network programmability. Here, control plane separate from the data plane. The network management controlled by central point, called the controller. This can be programmed and act as the brain of the whole network. Due to these unique features SDN easily manage network, gives better performance than traditional network, and higher flexibility. In this paper, we have proposed an ant colony optimization based routing protocol targeting to achieve significant value of various QoS parameters. The proposed methodology is based on the classification of various types of traffic. To classify the traffic we introduce to the bandwidth requirement for multimedia traffic like audio, video and text. Here, our method is compared with PSO-SDN ( Particle Swarm Optimization- Software Defined Network). The results obtained in terms of various QoS parameters show that using Ant Colony optimization is outperform to PSO-SDN. Finally, we concluded the paper with few suggested open research challenges.

Keyphrases: ACO, Ant Colony Optimization, Controller, Data Plane, delivery time, End delay, multimedia data, multimedia traffic, PSO, QoS, Routing, Software Defined Network

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