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Dynamic Optimization Method of Thermo-Mechanical Coupling Structure Based on ESLM

EasyChair Preprint no. 5804

8 pagesDate: June 15, 2021


The equivalent static load method (ESLM) provides an effective solution for dynamic response optimization technology, and is used in simple structures such as trusses, beams, rods, and thin plates that bear a single mechanical load, or structures with lower grid requirements. Optimal design has been widely used, but there are few researches under the coupled effect of heat-mechanical load. Therefore, the research of dynamic optimization method of heat-mechanical coupling structure based on ESLM has certain significance and value. The thesis combines thermoelasticity with the equivalent static method theory, derives the equivalent static conversion mechanism of dynamic load under the coupling effect of thermal load and mechanical load, and uses cantilever beam as an example to verify the equivalent theory in thermophysical field and thermal-structure The same applies to coupled physics. Taking a typical transient thermal-mechanical coupling structure-a diesel engine piston as the research object, the stress and displacement results of 16 key positions are extracted through the transient dynamics analysis of the piston-thermal-mechanical coupling, and the equivalent conversion calculation is carried out. The comparative analysis of the load action results shows that the maximum equivalent stress error of the inspected area before and after the equivalent transformation is within 3%, and the maximum displacement error is within 2%; further analysis and comparison of the static optimization under the action of the piston thermomechanical load and the dynamic optimization based on ESLM The results show that the two optimized piston deformation, stress and temperature of the first ring groove are similar, but the ESLM-based dynamic optimization reduces the piston mass by 4.7% compared to the static optimization. The research results fully prove the superiority of the ESLM-based dynamic optimization method Sex.

Keyphrases: dynamic optimization, Equivalent Static Load Method, Equivalent Thermal Load, piston

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