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Zero Trust Architecture in Cloud Networks: Application, Challenges and Future Opportunities

EasyChair Preprint no. 12114

14 pagesDate: February 14, 2024


Cloud computing has become essential in this digital world as it provides opportunities and challenges for organizations. This research explores the implementation and effectiveness of Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) in addressing security challenges within cloud networks. Utilizing qualitative research methods, including a systematic literature review from 2020 to 2024, the study investigates insights from diverse sources such as journal articles, academic literature, and case studies. Thematic analysis organizes findings into critical themes, revealing ZTA's impact on mitigating lateral movement, reducing insider threat probability, enhancing network micro-segmentation, and improving identity and access management. The comparative analysis demonstrates significant improvements in security incidents post-ZTA implementation. Moreover, the study highlights best practices for ZTA adoption and outlines future advancements, including integration with emerging technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence. This research underscores ZTA's pivotal role in fortifying cloud network security and offers valuable insights for practitioners and researchers.

Keyphrases: Cloud networks, Cybersecurity, data protection, Insider Threats, lateral movement, Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA)

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