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Teacher Trainees Awareness Regarding E-Waste and Its Disposal

EasyChair Preprint no. 11923

17 pagesDate: January 29, 2024


Extensive use of electronic devices is becoming the concern regarding e-waste disposal. Policies and regulation framed are unable to get transformed into practices. Practices need awareness programs. The Younger generation are the biggest consumers of e-devices and rapid change in the technology accelerates the obsolescence of devices generating e-waste. So, it is essential to make the younger generation undergo awareness drives to address this issue. TEI serves as a nodal agency for school education and HEI. Rigor training in TEI can be helpful in transforming school education. Present study aims to investigate teacher trainees' awareness and understanding regarding e-waste and its disposal leading to environmental and health degradation. Investigators had discussed e-waste and its disposal leading to hazardous effects. It was noted that trainees had brief awareness regarding the disposal of e-waste. This originated e-waste collection drive in the institute. Investigators collected data from 75 trainees. 50% students were not aware about e-waste management whereas 98% trainees were aware of the correct disposal method of e-waste and how to manage the domestic e-waste on their own.  80% of respondents recognised e-waste recycling companies. 67% student-teachers enthusiastically donated e-wastes like Mobile, TV Remote, Charger, Earphone, Headphones, old computer accessories, cable, mouse, wire, video game, light bulb , CD, DVD, pen drive, speaker  etc. during ‘E-waste Collection Drive’. Major outcome of the research was that the institute drew a short term plan to proactively deal with e-waste management. Institutions should launch various activities to create more awareness, knowledge, and positive attitudes toward e-waste management.

Keyphrases: Awareness, disposal, E-waste, HEI, TEI, waste management

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