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Leveraging IoT to Mitigate Information Management & Communication Lapses on Construction Sites.

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11 pagesDate: August 4, 2022


Purpose of this paper

This paper explores IoT leveraging by construction project management professionals for information management and communication lapses mitigation.


An integrative review of a purposive sample of literature exploring implications around leveraging IoT for enhanced information management and communication for construction project management professionals in South Africa.


Findings indicates the capacity and pervasiveness of IoT in the global and local construction industry extends to the enhancement in capturing, management, and communication of ubiquitous construction site data in real-time. Literature also shows that CSM shortcomings related to information management & communication can be improved through innovative exploitation of available IoT technologies as supposed to reinvention of technologies from other sectors.

Research Limitations

Research is currently at a theoretical study stage.

Practical Implications

The study explored a nascent technology that is at the forefront of digital innovation in construction project management. The study offers a comprehensive view on IoT leveraging for information management and communication enhancement during construction project execution.

What is Original/Value of paper

The study identifies the need for a framework to explore areas of CSM where IoT can also be leveraged beyond health & safety.

Response to conference theme

This paper responds to the theme by looking at IoT adoption in construction project management as a sub concept of digitisation in construction.

Keyphrases: construction digitisation, information management and communication lapses, IoT, IoT in construction

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