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Intelligent transportation system sustainable in Oman.

EasyChair Preprint no. 2054

8 pagesDate: November 30, 2019


This project is conducted to identify the effects of traffic congestion Burj Al sahwa Rounbout following different methods to collect data such as data analysis, Interview and Questionnaire. By increasing the number of vehicles, Traffic congestion increased in Muscat in many places. The reasons behind this satiation is population, driver behavior, road condition “infrastructure”, that`s why the government needs some solutions to solve this satiation to make the roads more comfortable for drivers and to reduce the traffic congestion in Muscat.

Depending on a study that showed, most of Omani people are using private cars instead of using public transportation. One of the most places in Muscat that has a big traffic congestion is the Burj Al sahwa Roundabout in all of four intersection surrounding it.The situation in this street needs to be solved by making some improvements for the street and to enhance the performance of the traffic flow and traffic capacity. this area is one of important place in sultant of Oman because it is a center for all roads in the capital Muscat as well as for various states around the sultanate of Oman, so it needs a better road to serve it.

Every day a lot of students, teachers, Doctors, workers... etc, are facing many problems such as delaying for 10 min to 15 min. To know more about this problem towards Sahwa roundabout region will make some interviews with “police of Seeb traffic department ” and I will collect some data by giving the public and drivers a questionnaire to get more information about the traffic congestion towards Burj Al sahwa roundabout . The expected outcomes from the project is to Evaluate traffic congestion towards Al sahwa, reduce traffic congestion and to make Recommendation by removing the sahwa tower roundabout and creating a large intersection involving the inclusion of four main axes and organized using smart traffic light to helping the people who working in this area.

Keyphrases: Muscat, sahwa roundabout, Smart traffic light, traffic congestion, Traffic Department

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