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Troomate - Finding a Perfect Roommate

EasyChair Preprint no. 9648

16 pagesDate: February 2, 2023


When someone arrives at a new place, the first thing that they do is look for a place to dwell, and when the company they are with is not appropriate, it leads to disputes and sometimes shifting to a new place which can be very tedious. Finding the right roommate is very important as it affects the physical and mental health of a being. The present solutions in the market for this problem include websites like,,, etc., and applications like FlatMatch, Roomster, etc. A detailed analysis of potential competition was done in order to figure out our standing amongst them. The paper analyzes them on the basis of their features, ratings from users, etc. Roommate-finding platforms exist, but they just display a list of users without considering their preferences. This is where Troomate has an advantage. A detailed literature survey was done about how the pairing of people could be done based on their idea of the perfect roommate. This paper includes various algorithms like Gale-Shapley, Elo rating score, and techniques like clustering in order to effectively match on the basis of powerful filters like social traits, diet habits, sleeping schedules, etc. With an interactive, well-designed UI, dependable backend, and reliable algorithms, Troomate aims at solving the problem effectively.

Keyphrases: algorithm, Match Finder, Pairing Algorithm, Recommendation System, right roommate, Roommate Finder, roommate finder application, roommate first impression, roommate relationship, roommate similarity, social trait, user preference

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