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Investigating Undergraduate Students About Their Competencies: Pedagogical, Professional and Personal

EasyChair Preprint no. 4708

9 pagesDate: December 7, 2020


The purpose of this study is investigate the readiness of undergraduate students become professional mathematics teachers who are ready to teach at schools. The subjects are 42 undergraduate students seventh semester at Math Education Department. Instruments are used: observation sheets to investigate students’ pedagogic competency, questionnaire to investigate the tendency of teaching style and professional disposition, instrument test to measure professional competency that include geometry, statistic, probability, and algebra . The findings revealed that undergraduate students in math education department: (1) in pedagogical competencies: the undergraduate students were able to prepare lesson plan as preparatory documents to teach in the class, even though they still needed guidance; they have good teaching ability; and most of them tendence to delegator learning style (tendence to cooperative learning) and authority learning style (expert teaching style – one way lecture); (2) the beliefe of undergraduade students in professional disposition is 71% (5) while the professional competencies of undergraduate students is 51%

Keyphrases: Pedagogical Competency, Professional competency, Professional Disposition

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