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Noise measurements on MnSi thin films

EasyChair Preprint no. 1207

4 pagesDate: June 20, 2019


Noise measurements are supposed to be a powerful tool to study the dynamical properties of a driven lattice of magnetic skyrmions. In analogy to the properties of driven superconducting vortices, broad-band and narrow band noise is expected to probe the microscopic pinning potential and low-frequency dynamics of the skyrmion lattice. We present first measurements of fluctuation spectroscopy on epitaxial grown MnSi thin film samples. We observe generic 1/f-type noise, however with only a weak temperature dependence and no signatures of a magnetic skyrmion phase, which may be explained by electronic inhomogeneities or the absence of a well-defined skyrmionic phase in these samples subject to subtrate-induced strain. Upon approaching the helical magnetically ordered phase in zero field, we observe an enhancement of the 1/f-type fluctuations and two-level switching of a characteristic energy, possibly related to the switching of magnetic grains/clusters.

Keyphrases: 1/f noise, Fluctuation Spectroscopy, Skyrmions, thin films

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