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A Case Study of Recruitment and Selection Process by Titan, Nagpur

EasyChair Preprint no. 8310

18 pagesDate: June 19, 2022


Titan Company brought about a paradigm shift in the Indian watch market when it introduced its futuristic quartz technology, complemented by international styling. Titan Company is the fifth-largest integrated own brand watch manufacturer in the world. In addition to 'Titan' the watch brand, Titan Company has also built 'Tanishq' the leading jewelry brand over the past few years. Both these brands are among the most recognized and loved brands in India. The success story began in 1984 with a joint venture between the Tata Group and the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation. Presenting Titan quartz watches that sported an international look, Titan Company transformed the Indian watch market. After Sonata, a value brand of functionally styled watches at affordable prices, Titan Company reached out to the youth segment with Fastrack, its third brand, trendy and chic. The company has sold 150 million watches the world over and manufactures over 15 million watches every year. With a license for premium fashion watches of global brands. Titan Company repeated its pioneering act and brought international brands into the Indian market. Tommy Hilfiger, FCUK, Timberland & Police as well as the Swiss-made watch – Xylys owe their presence in the Indian market to Titan Company. Entering the largely fragmented Indian jewelry market with no known brands in 1995, Titan Company launched Tanishq, India's most trusted and fastest-growing jewelry brand. Gold Plus, the latter addition, focuses on the preferences of semi-urban and rural India. Completing the jewelry portfolio is Zoya, the latest retail chain in the luxury segment.

Keyphrases: Indian watch market watch industry, smart watches India, Titan Company Limited

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