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Emojis and the interpretation of text messages between friends and between acquaintances

EasyChair Preprint no. 6177

13 pagesDate: July 28, 2021


In this project, we examined how including face-like emojis would influence the interpretation of ambiguous text messages presented as sent between friends or between acquaintances. Participants saw screenshots of brief iPhone conversations and selected from four options the most likely interpretation of ambiguous final messages. Without an emoji, participants preferred literal interpretations, and this did not differ by sender-recipient relationship. With the emoji, participants preferred interpretations congruent with the specific sentiment conveyed by the emoji, especially for conversations between acquaintances. People are sensitive to the ways that emojis can convey more specific meanings, and this may vary across communicative contexts.

Keyphrases: computer-mediated communication, Emojis, Message interpretation, online communication, social context

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