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How do students learn in a low-tech gamified flipped learning model? A self-determination theory perspective

EasyChair Preprint no. 958

5 pagesDate: May 3, 2019


This is a preliminary study aimed at examining students’ learning performance and perceived motivation between flipped-classroom and gamified flipped classroom instruction in a low-tech information environment. The iSpring Learn LMS was employed as a low-tech tool in gamifying the flipped classroom. This study employed a quantitative research approach, using three formative assessments or a post-test only design to examine students’ learning achievement. A questionnaire was employed to support the data collection process in terms of students’ perceived motivation based on Self-determination theory approach. Fifty-six students were the respondents involved in a non-randomized experiment with a control group design. The results reveal that assessment 1 showed no significant difference between the two groups of instruction (t = 1.68, p > .05), while assessment 2 and 3 were significantly different (t = 5.54, p < .05) and (t = 10.17, p < .05), respectively. The survey results reveal that the gamified flip-class setting fostered better motivation and engagement. Particularly, students motivated to compete and beat other students during the gamification activities by collecting points and badges as many as possible. This study suggests that the flipped classroom and gamification concept might be possibly implemented in a low-tech information environment - without the requirement of advanced digital platforms.

Keyphrases: flipped classroom, Gamification, Gamified flipped classroom, Low-tech information environment, motivation, self-determination theory

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