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Temperature Controller Using Ardiuno with LabVIEW

EasyChair Preprint no. 11815

6 pagesDate: January 20, 2024


The system uses Arduino and LABVIEW, as does the manual control system. We will be using an Arduino temperature controller that is LABVIEW based in this paper. When the temperature rises above the specified point, the 5- volt cooling fan in this paper is turned on. The LM35 temperature sensor will be used in this instance, and the temperature range will be indicated by Heater element. Three distinct categories will be used to classify the design and operation: first, when the temperature is above the mark (set) point, the heater element glow; second, when the temperature is between the higher mark point and lower mark (set) point, cooler if off; and third, when the temperature is below the set point, cooler is off. Additionally, the temperature reading is kept in a Microsoft Excel document. The other programs are also used to develop temperature controller systems, but LabView is the most straightforward of them all.

Keyphrases: Cooler, LabVIEW, Temperature

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