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Does Gender Matter in Supported Employment? a Qualitative Study of Participants’ Experiences

EasyChair Preprint no. 13508

38 pagesDate: June 3, 2024


To support labor market participation for persons with disabilities in Sweden, different kinds of vocational rehabilitation interventions, including evidenced-based methods such as Supported Employment(SE) are employed. However, quantitative findings have shown gender differences in these interventions. These quantitative findings have not been followed up by qualitative research to clarify the issue. OBJECTIVE: To explore participants’ experiences of participating in an SE intervention and the influence of gender on their experiences. METHOD: Semistructured interviews with 10 women and 7 men participating in SE in Sweden were conducted. Qualitative content analysis followed by a gender analysis were performed using the material. RESULTS: The participating men and women had different background characteristics. Overall, the participants shared the same experiences of SE. They valued a trustful relationship with the employment specialist and the diversified and individualized support from the employment specialist. Unlike the men, the women had experienced difficulties receiving SE from authorities, and when receiving SE, they expressed the value of a slow start, being challenged, and whole-life support. CONCLUSION: The findings might moderate the rapid job principle in SE and indicate the need to acknowledge that the path to employment might look different, depending on the participants’ gendered experiences and living conditions, for SE to be more successful for both men and women.

Keyphrases: Client perspective, gender, Labor market participation, Persons with Disabilities, Supported Employment, vocational rehabilitation

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